Architectural Design Review

Site & Building Development Criteria
The City of La Vista has established basic site and building development criteria to be implemented within the boundaries of this overlay district for all multifamily, industrial, and commercial building projects. The Gateway Corridor District has been established in order to implement the policies developed in the Future Land Use Plan portion of the Comprehensive Development Plan. These criteria include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Landscaping
  • Building material selection
  • Lighting
  • Interior street development

Purpose for Regulation
The purpose for regulating these issues is to provide for cohesive and properly developed entrances into the City corridor. Guiding development in this manner promotes the general health, safety and welfare of the residents within the zoning jurisdiction of the City, by providing quality design and construction which will also aid in the protection of past and future investment in the corridor.

Design Review
Within designated Design Review Corridor Districts, all new construction and qualifying exterior alterations to buildings and structures are subject to design review.

The review process begins with a pre-application conference, followed by submission of an application and its review. Designs that meet the criteria will be granted a certificate of approval and may begin submitting building applications. Rejected applications may be appealed after 180 days of failed negotiation between the City and the developer.

For more information on the design review process, submittal requirements, the guidelines used for review, and the districts, please follow the links below:

Design Corridor District Map

Design Review Map