Makerspace Policies

Laser Cutter

The La Vista Public Library has a Universal Laser Cutter available for public use. The full policy on this machine's usage can be read here: Laser System General Use Policy

In general, the following requirements need to be met to use this machine.

To use the laser cutter customers must...

  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Complete the required general safety training.
  • Sign the "Laser System Usage" agreement form.
  • Set up a time to use the laser cutter at least 30 min. in advance. A staff member will need to be available during this time so we recommend you schedule at least the day before to ensure the machine will be available.  Note: The laser cutter is unavailable during the hour before close. 
  • Using the machine is FREE. However, customers can purchase materials (such as wood) from the library for their projects. 
  • If customers bring in their own materials to cut, they must also bring a tag or receipt showing what the material is made of. Some materials cannot be used in the laser cutter as they will cause damage to the machine, the user, and/or the library.