City Centre Public Parking

Parking graphic

We’ve been busy getting ready for the first events at The Astro. While it’s a private venue, the City and The Astro have been working closely together to make sure everything runs smoothly. The Link in Central Park is now open to the public and our new public garage is ready to go!

Those planning to attend should know about the available parking in City Centre. The new garage is located along 84th Street (shown at the bottom of the photo) and has 500 stalls. This garage has a rate of $1 per hour with a maximum of $10 per day and will be available for all events. 

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Prepay for your parking in Garage #2

In addition, our other garage (shown toward the top of the photo) has some available stalls as well. There are also quite a few other alternative parking options within walking distance of The Astro.

We hope everyone has a fantastic time experiencing these new venues for the first time!