Golden Ballroom Dance Exercise Class

Take a trip through the eras while moving to the music!  seniors-dancing

Why is dance important?

Improves Overall Physical Condition. Dancing improves overall muscle tone and strength, flexibility, agility and endurance – all of which become weakened as we age without having some form of routine exercise, especially without an exercise that engages the entire body like ballroom dance. Preserving, if not improving, bone density and joint health is also an added benefit for seniors since ballroom dance is a weight-resisting activity while forcing the dancer to resist their partner’s body weight while dancing.  And, the unique aspect of Ballroom Dance is that each lesson is tailored around abilities. Our WhyArtists are highly proficient in recognizing each person’s current physical ability and working from that point to build upon physical activity and dance skill. 

Helps Reduce Risk for Falls Due to Weakness and Imbalance. Seniors usually experience improvements in overall muscle strength and balance which can also help reduce the risk for falls. 

The best defense against falling is to keep your body strong with activities that improve balance. Studies have shown that dancing improves strength and balance, and ballroom dancing is fun. It also engages you mentally as you learn the steps and as you constantly adjust to your partner. I have been doing this since I turned 80, four years ago, and though I had previously fallen several times, I have not fallen since I began dancing.”   

Helps Reduce the Risk of Dementia. Research has shown that dance is a physical activity associated with a reduced risk of dementia. Not only is it fun and engaging for seniors, it requires use of the cognitive thought processes which is extremely important in the risk reduction for dementia. Dance improves spatial memory which is vital for learning dance.

chair-dancingEncourages Sociability. Not only is taking ballroom dance lessons fun and engaging, it provides seniors a very important outlet to be with others, encouraging sociability and community. Everyone is learning the same dance steps together. The result is that they interact with the other dancers and do not feel isolated or as alone while taking classes.  

Reduces Stress and Anxiety. People of all ages can reduce stress and anxiety levels with exercise, and seniors are no exception. As we age, we tend to have less resilience to stress than younger adults due to changes in the ability to accommodate the body’s natural stress response. Dance is one of the best forms of exercise!

Note: Dancing may be done standing or in a chair.

Who:  Seniors 55+     When:  Every Monday 9:00am - 10:00am    
Where:  La Vista Community Center/Senior Center      
Fee:  No Charge

Kim Clark-Kaczmarek, Program Director

Phone 402.659.6638 

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