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NOVEMBER 21, 2006

7:00 P.M.


Harold “Andy” Anderson Council Chamber

La Vista City Hall

8116 Park View Blvd.



·          Call to Order


·          Pledge of Allegiance


·          Announcement of Location of Posted Open Meetings Act


·          Appointment of City Clerk - Pamela Buethe

            1.  Resolution - Approval of Bond of Pamela Buethe

            2.  Resolution - Approval of Bond of Rita Ramirez


·          Proclamation - National Family Week



1.       Approval of the Agenda as Presented

2.       Minutes of the November 7,  2006 City Council Meeting

3.       Minutes of the October 19, 2006 Planning Commission Meeting

4.       Minutes of the November 6, 2006 La Vista/Metropolitan Community College Condominium Owners Association, Inc.

5.       Final Pay Request from All Purpose Utilities, Inc. for 2006 Pavement Reconstruction - $25,346.03

6.       Southport West Improvements

a.       Pay Request from Theile Geotech, Inc. for Sanitary Sewer, Paving, & Storm Sewer - Section I - $2,592.50

b.       Final Pay Request from MBC Construction Co., Inc, Sanitary Sewer, Paving, & Storm Sewer - Section 1 - $232,433.01

c.        Pay Request No. 2 from Vierregger Electric Company, Traffic Signals - Section I - $96,662.54

d.       Pay Request No. 1 from Vierregger Electric Company, Traffic Signals - Section II - $90,547.43

e.       Pay Request from Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner, Inc. for Group “A” Construction, Parking District No. 1 - $19,999.68

f.         Pay Request No. 3 from Lanoha Nurseries, Inc. for Group “B” Construction - Irrigation & Landscaping, Parking District No. 1 - $68,304.90

g.       Pay Request No. 3 from Dostals Construction Co. for Group “C” Construction - Water Feature, Parking District No. 1 - $264,237.45

7.       New Fire Station No. 2

a.       Change Order No. 2 - ConStruct Inc. for General Construction -$51,869.00

b.       Pay Request No. 9 from Construct, Inc. for General Construction - $363,589.41

c.        Pay Request from Sheppard’s Business Interiors, Inc. for Furniture - $22,841.38

d.       Pay Request from Krueger International, Inc. for Furniture - $15,749.12

e.       Pay Request from FGM Architects Engineers, Inc. for Professional Services - $9,337.73

8.       Pay Request from Water’s Edge Aquatic Design, LLC for Professional Services - $1,335.20

9.       Approval of Claims


·          Reports from City Administrator and Department Heads


B.        Ordinance - Right of Way Vacation - 120th Street (North of Giles Rd)


C.        Resolution - Trail & Park Improvements - Cimarron Woods (96th & Harrison)


D.        Resolution - Tower Development Permit - Communication Tower, 10727 Chandler, Fire Station


E.         Resolution - Insurance Coverages - Medical, Dental, Life and LTD


F.         Resolution - Council Policy Statement Amendment


G.        Resolution - New Standard Operation Policy - Emergency Response Procedures for City Hall/Community Center


H.        Resolution - Quiet Zone Study Proposal (Southport West)


I.          Special Assessment for Property Improvements

            1.  Public Hearing

            2.  Resolution


J.         Discussion - FY 2006 Property Tax Levy Discrepancy


K.        Discussion - Classification of Flavored Alcoholic Beverages  


·          Comments from the Floor


·          Comments from Mayor and Council


·          Adjournment 



The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings.  If special accommodations are required please contact the City Clerk prior to the meeting at 402-331-4343.  A copy of the Open Meeting Act is posted in the Council Chamber and available in the public copies of the Council packet.  Citizens may address the Mayor and Council under "Comments from the Floor."  Comments should be limited to five minutes.  We ask for your cooperation in order to provide for an organized meeting.