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August 19, 2014

7:00 P.M.

Harold "Andy" Anderson Council Chamber

La Vista City Hall

8116 Park View Blvd.

·          Call to Order


·          Pledge of Allegiance


·          Announcement of Location of Posted Open Meetings Act


·          Service Awards - Jean Hurst - 35 years; Angela Hultberg - 20 years


All matters listed under item A, Consent Agenda, are considered to be routine by the city council and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below.  There will be no separate discussion of these items.  If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.


1.     Approval of the Agenda as Presented

2.     Approval of the Minutes of the August 5, 2014 City Council Meeting

3.     Approval of the Minutes of the July 10, 2014 Library Advisory Board Meeting

4.     Monthly Financial Report - July 2014

5.     Pay Request from Cedar Construction Company - Construction Services - 85th Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement - $18,823.00

6.     Pay Request from Thompson, Dreessen, & Dorner, Inc. -Professional Services - Thompson Creek Phase I - $468.75

7.     Pay Request from Thompson, Dreessen, & Dorner, Inc. -Professional Services - Thompson Creek Phase I - $868.75

8.     Pay Request from Thompson, Dreessen, & Dorner, Inc. - Professional Services - Thompson Creek Phase I - $352.50

9.     Resolution - Approve Interlocal Agreement Amendment - Metro Drug Task Force

10.  Resolution - Approve Purchase - Ice Control Salt

11.  Resolution - Approve Advertisement for Bids - 124th Circle & Harrison Street Traffic Signal Improvements

12.  Resolution - Authorize Thompson Creek Phase VI, Part 2 Grant Application Submittal

13.  Resolution - Approve Interlocal Cooperation Agreement - Hell Creek Grade Control Stabilization

14.  Approval of Claims.


·          Reports from City Administrator and Department Heads


B.         Fiscal Year 14/15 Municipal Budget

            1.  Appropriations Ordinance - Second Reading

            2.  Master Fee Ordinance - Second Reading


C.        Financial Information Software System Needs Assessment Report (Request to table)


D.        Applicationfor Preliminary Planned Unit Development (PUD), Lots 4 & 15, Southport West(Proposed Lots 1-5 Southport West Replat 5) (NW of Westport Pkwy.)

            1.  Public Hearing

            2.  Resolution - Approve Preliminary Planned Unit Development


E.         Ordinance - Amend the Municipal Code - Chapter 95 Animals


F.         Resolution - Authorize Consultant Selection - Comprehensive Plan


G.        Resolution - Acceptance of the Sewer Rate Study


H.        Resolution -Authorize interlocal Cooperation Agreement - Hosting Computer Services


I.          Resolution - Approval to Purchase - Rollover Protection Structure


J.         Accept -Classification and Compensation Study


K.         Executive Session - Land Acquisition; Contract Negotiations; Personnel


·          Comments from the Floor

·          Comments from Mayor and Council

·          Adjournment

                                                                            Complete Packet

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings.  If special accommodations are required please contact the City Clerk prior to the meeting at 402-331-4343.  A copy of the Open Meeting Act is posted in the Council Chamber and available in the public copies of the Council packet.  Citizens may address the Mayor and Council under "Comments from the Floor."  Comments should be limited to five minutes.  We ask for your cooperation in order to provide for an organized meeting.