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Jun 22

June 23, 2016 Update

Posted on June 22, 2016 at 4:37 PM by Mitch Beaumont

• At long last, the work is substantially complete. A few items such as sidewalk repairs and replacement of the sand volleyball court are ongoing as I write this. There is also a list of minor items yet to be completed but it is great to have reached this point in the process. Terms of the contract for delay are being implemented.

• High groundwater elevations have been encountered as a result of the excessive precipitation received in 2015. This has required some additional rip rap and some reworking of channel banks particularly in the section between 72nd Street and 73rd Avenue.

• Four wetland basins were constructed at storm sewer outlets. These areas will be important to filtering runoff from the storm sewers and improving water quality.

• The installation of seeding has been mostly completed. This will require some time to become established. The City has entered into a contract with the nursery to provide maintenance to add in establishment of the vegetation over the next three years.

• The City has prepared a Commemorative Tree Program which provides an opportunity for citizens to purchase and have a tree planted in a City Park to honor loved ones or recognize organizations. A policy document was recommended for approval by the Park and Recreation Advisory Committee in January and will next be considered for approval and implementation by the City Council.

• The City is working on a project to install plantings along the rear of properties abutting the creek. Currently this is anticipated to happen in the fall of 2016.

• The City has entered a joint agreement with the City of Papillion to conduct storm water public education and outreach in 2016. Displays have been provided at the Salute to Summer, at La Vista Public Works Expo on June 11, at Papillion Days and at a couple of Papillion Farmers’ Markets. More events for school classes and senior citizen groups are being considered.

• Public education materials on storm water management for the two communities bear the following logo. Look for information booths are various community events throughout this year.

• More information on the Thompson Creek Watershed Restoration project can be found at or

• A few photos of the current construction status:
June 1.jpg

June 2.jpg

June 3.jpg

June 4.jpg