Why is additional revenue important for the City?

Developments such as La Vista City Centre, Central Park, Nebraska MultiSport Complex and Southport are expected to generate hundreds of activities and events, bringing in more than 500,000 visitors to La Vista each year. This will increase the demand for public services for everything from traffic control and snow removal to calls for service and other public safety needs. Because of the types of development underway and anticipated, the number of visitors will also increase and grow food and beverage sales.

The City’s goal has always been to add top-notch amenities to the community without increasing the property tax burden. In addition to growth, the City must also keep pace with the rising prices for fuel, vehicles, equipment, construction materials, electronics, and more impacting operational and maintenance costs. The restaurant tax is a way to share these financial challenges equally with non-residents and residents alike.

Additional restaurant tax revenue will ultimately make the City less reliant on property taxes to provide services and amenities for its residents.

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1. What is the restaurant tax revenue used for in La Vista?
2. Why is additional revenue important for the City?
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