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Streetscape Plan

The design process for the Corridor 84 Streetscape Plan will take place over the next four months, during which time there will be two opportunities for the public to review design concepts and provide feedback.

The first public meeting took place on Tuesday, November 14, at City Hall. This meeting summarized the existing conditions of the project area and presented some initial concepts for the corridor. Additionally those in attendance had the opportunity to provide live feedback using digital voting devices.

Click here for a digital copy of the presentation given at the meeting.

Click here for a digital copy of the boards that were available at the end of the meeting. These boards will be available for the public to view at the Community Center through the end of November. 

Click here to offer your feedback on this project. 

Once known as the “Golden Mile”, 84th Street in La Vista is a shadow of its former self as a thriving commercial corridor.

A vision plan for 84th Street proposed a corridor with a distinct identity, a rich mix of uses and destinations, and a sense of community and high quality of life.

With redevelopment projects in the works, what was once a plan, Vision 84 has become Corridor 84, which is the plan in action. The Corridor 84 Streetscape Plan includes design elements such as benches, landscaping, signage and wayfinding and lighting.

The streetscape plan focuses on the corridor’s right-of-way, the space between the road and private property, from Harrison Street to Giles Road.

The plan is an important component of the overall vision for 84th Street because it will assist in the authentic expression of La Vista’s identity while creating a sense of place for the one of city’s main north/south corridors.

Corridor 84 corridor should provide opportunities for social interaction, for the promotion of health and well-being and it should meet the needs of pedestrians and the community well into the future.

The Corridor 84 Streetscape Plan will help establish character of a new kind of Golden Mile—one built for the 21st century and beyond.