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Details about each hometown hero
Here is more information about the military service for each of our hometown heroes who are on our banners. We don't have information for all them, but we do for most! 

Veteran Branch Era
D.J. Barcal  Air Force  
Russell C. Baker Navy Vietnam
Timothy Baruth Air National Guard Global War on Terror
Lawrence Beaumont Army WWII
Edward G. Bender Army WWII
Janet Cogdill Beasley  Navy  1979-1983 
William A. Blessie Army  WWII
Leander (Jim) N. Blum Army Air Corps WWII
Guy J. Birch Navy WWII
Charlie Butler    
Capt. Joel Cahill  Army Global War on Terror
Lt. Randall Cahill Army  Global War on Terror
Lt. Col. Marvin J. Carcich Air Force WWII Korean Vietnam
Michael P. Cavlovic Navy WWII
Charles J Cogdill Army & Air Force Korean Vietnam
Cupich Family Navy WWII
John Danderand USAF 1988 - 1992
Ron Dixson USMC Vietnam
Col F.J. Donoghue Army 1941- 1970
Shawn Dooling  USMC Global War on Terror 00-04
Nicholas Driggs Army  Vietnam 68-70
Terry L. Driggs USMC Global War on Terror
Duane Elgersma Army Vietnam
Louis Garrod Navy WWII
Alvin Ginbey    
Christopher Ginbey    
Ray Hamaker Army  
Gary Hartquiste    
Thomas Henninger U.S. Army Air Corp WWII Korean  
Michael Julis    
Shane Kielion USMC Global War on Terror
Bill P. Kopocis  Air Force WWII
Joseph T. Kreigler  Army  WWII
Harold Lusero  Navy Korean  
Arthur D. McEnearney USAF Korean Vietnam
Ernest McFarland Army WWII Airborne
Archibald Meyer    
Anthony Minor    
Rudy Miserez Army  WWII
Barton Nauman    
Mary "Buffy" Pace Army  Global War on Terro
Fred E. Price Navy WWII
Delmar Reed Air Force 1964-1975
Pat Shanahan Army 1955-1957
Patrick Shanahan Navy 1977-1981
William Sheehan Army  WWII
Bert E. Sinnett Army  Korean
Joseph Soucie Sr.  USAF Vietnam
Donald Ronon Army  Korea - Purple Heart
Michael Simmons    
Robert Sosso Army Air Force WWII
Orval Lee Strayer Army 1961-1963
Lawrence W. Stunkel USAF Global War on Terror 84-04
Charles W. Solomon Jr.  Navy Vietnam
Kevin Watts Air Force Global War on Terro
Terry L. Waugh Army  Vietnam 65-67
Bryan D. Waugh Air Force 1993-1997
 Kevin Wetuski USMC Desert Storm
Wendall Wood Navy & Air Force WWII Korean
Vernon M. Yost Army WWII
Arthur Zepnak Air Force 23 years
Richard S. Ziola  Army  Korean