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Public Works

March 2019 Pothole Repair Operations Plan
This winter season has been a tough one, including many potholes on La Vista’s streets.

We know they’re a problem and we are attacking them with all of our resources.

Here is what we are doing to address it and what you can do to help.

Since the February blizzard, crews have applied more than 72,000 pounds of cold patch material, which is a temporary solution until hot asphalt is available. High traffic areas often require multiple applications of cold patch, because the material doesn’t attach to the asphalt around the hole.

First, the bad news. During the next couple of days of heavy rain, the temporary cold patch solution will not work and crews will be unable to make effective repairs. Drivers are urged to drive slow and exercise caution.

The good news is that hot asphalt will be available starting Monday, March 18, so the Public Works Department will be dedicating all of its resources, including every available staff member from every division, to fixing 84th Street as well as the other main streets.

Beginning Monday on 84th Street, here is the plan:
  • From 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. there will be two crews applying hot asphalt patches.
  • From 7 a.m. to 3 pm., there will be two crews applying a skim overlay to the areas with the worst damage, which will go over the patches and will extend the life of the repairs.

This will be the operations plan for March 18-March 22, and depending on the progress, this plan may be extended in to the following week.

When crews finish with the main streets, they will move in to the residential areas.

Resurfacing Projects Planned for this Summer
Several resurfacing projects are in the works for this summer, which will improve the condition of 84th Street as well as Park View Boulevard.

The Park View Boulevard project will resurface the road from 72nd Street to 84th Street and will begin in early June.

About a month later, in early July, crews will begin resurfacing 84th Street from Harrison Street to Giles Road. The exact timing of this project will depend on the completion of a new intersection for City Centre.

Reporting a Pothole
Our crews are always on the lookout for potholes, but we always need help making sure we get them all.

Click here to report a pothole or call the Public Works Department at 402-331-8927.

Whether you know it or not, if you are a resident of La Vista, you benefit every day from the work and dedication of the employees of the Public Works Department. 

Comprised of nearly 60 employees, Public Works is one of the City's largest departments. 

Public Works is responsible for managing and maintaining the City's infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, trails, parks and the sewer and storm sewer systems), vehicles, and civil and traffic engineering.

Engineering is responsible for contract management, design, and oversight of the City’s construction and maintenance projects and City facilities associated with private development; mapping, surveying, and infrastructure management; right-of-way management, including coordination with private utility companies; storm water management; and traffic and transportation engineering.

Fleet Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance is an internal service department responsible for repair and maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment.

La Vista Sports Complex
Responsible for maintaining the softball, baseball and soccer fields located at the La Vista Sports Complex, which is located on 66th Street west of Harrison Street.

Park Maintenance
Park Maintenance is responsible for maintaining City parks,
Sanitary Sewer Maintenance
Utilities Maintenance is responsible for operating and maintaining the City's sanitary sewer system.
Street Maintenance
Street Maintenance is responsible for maintaining City streets, including snow plowing, seal coating, and patching.

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Director of Public Works
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Administrative Assistant
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La Vista Public Works


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