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Home Occupations
Home Occupations
Home Occupations shall mean an "in-home" or "home-based" business, industry, or service (not including uses defined as Adult Entertainment Establishment) operating from within a residential dwelling, or within an accessory structure in a residential zoning district. 

Home occupations shall be secondary and incidental in nature to the primary residential structure and/or property.  Home Occupations shall satisfy the standards set forth in Section 7.10 of the City's Zoning Ordinance. All Home Occupation I (Major) uses are required to have a Home Occupation License.

Home Occupation I (Major)
Home Occupation I (Major) shall mean Home Occupations that include on-site sales or services and/or one part-time or full-time employee that does not reside on the premises.

For major Home Occupations requiring a Conditional Use Permit, a minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the households within two hundred feet (200') of the proposed home occupation shall indicate"no objections" in writing, to the operation of such home occupation.  A "no objections" signature form shall be provided by the City and said residents shall sign next to their respective address.

Conditional Use Permit is required for Home Occupation I uses, except Child Care Homes.

Home Occupation II (Minor)
Home Occupation II (Minor) shall mean a Home Occupation that is not a Home Occupation I, including the following (2) a Home Occupation in which the sole activity is maintenance and use of an office in the home for telecommuting and/or deriving other income or sales; and (b) home-based craftmaking or cooking which does not involve on-site sale.

Occupations defined as Home Occupation II are exempt from a conditional use permit (CUP) and a Home Occupation License.  All Home Occupation I uses are required to have a Home Occupation License.

For complete details on Home Occupations, please refer to the Zoning Ordinance, Section 7.10.