Construction Updates

Spring 2022 Update


Andover Pointe

Building permits are underway for the next phase of this apartment project on Buildings #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, and #13 totaling 180 units.

Location: 12923-29, 12951-59, and 12950-58 Chandler Road Plaza; 7760-68 and 7720-28 S. 130th St Plaza; and 7719-29 S. 131st St Plaza

Astro Theater

Construction has begun on this 53,515 s.f. indoor/outdoor theater 

Location: 8302 City Centre Dr.

Beyond Print

Construction has started for this office & warehouse tenant finish 9658 s,f, space 

Location: 13315 Centennial Road Ste-2

Beyond Print Warehouse

Construction is underway on this 30,000 s.f flex space building.

Location:13315 Centennial Road.

Centennial Warehouse

Construction is underway on this 45,056 s.f. spec warehouse.

Location: 11741 Centennial Road

City Centre Mall

Construction completed on this 12,082 s.f strip mall in City Centre, which will include the relocation site for the existing Chili’s Restaurant.

Location: 8373 Barmettler Dr.


Construction completed on this 5500 s.f tenant finish as a flight simulator for the USAF. 

Location: 9061 S.126th St, Ste 100

DH Pace

Construction has started for this197600 s.f. office & warehouse tenant finish space. 

Location:13315 Centennial Road

Diversified Property Resources

Construction is nearly complete on this 15,000 s.f. shell warehouse 

Location: 10809 Olive St.

Echo Hills Apartment Bldg. #3

Construction is underway on this 91,100 s.f., 90-unit apartment building. 

Location: 7561 S. 146th Street

Echo Hills Apartment Bldg. #4

Construction is underway on this 59,500 s.f., 60-unit apartment building.

Location: 7565 S. 146th Street

Fred’s Heating & Air

Constructions is underway on this 42,000 s.f. building for a Heating & Air supplier & installation company. 

Location: 8817 S. 117th St.

FSC Edge

Construction has started on this 52,000 s.f. remodel for this patent review office space. 

Location:13831 Chalco Valley Parkway

FYRA Engineering

Construction is nearly complete for this 5586 s.f. engineering office tenant finish.

Location: 12702 Westport Pkwy.

Hielan Restaurant Group

Construction is complete they are open on this 5,400 s.f. tenant finish in City Centre Mall for Chili’s Restaurant. 

Location: 8373 Bartmettler Drive

La Vista West Elementary School

Construction is underway on the remodel and renovation of the building.

Location: 7821 Terry Drive

Nesbitt Properties Warehouse

Construction is underway on this 15,000 s.f. food wholesale warehouse.

Location: 13207 Cary Circle

Streck Housing

Construction is underway on this three building apartment housing project with a clubhouse and a total of 100,899 s.f..

Location:  11623 Emiline St.


Construction is complete on this 21,600 s.f. tenant finish for a mechanical equipment wholesaler. 

Location: 14565 Portal Circle. Ste 107

Vivere Apts. – South Building

Construction is completed and residential units are open on this 45,480 s.f. mixed use residential/ commercial building in the City Centre development. The 3rd through 6th floors are currently occupied.

Location: 8219 City Centre Drive

Waxing the City

Construction has started on this 2660 s.f. business space.

Location: 8373 Bartmettler Dr. Ste-C


Millard Fire Station #65

A permit application has been received for this 5,000 s.f. remodel. 

Location: 7010 S. 142nd Street


A permit application has been received for this 11,400 s.f. building for Agri-Service & Engineer, Inc. 

Location 9800 ½ Hupp Drive


A permit application has been received for this 2,356 s.f. coffee shop. 

Location: 12410 West Port Parkway.

Southport West North Lot

A permit application has been received for this 11,894 s.f. strip mall. 

Location: 12434 Westport Parkway