Community Interest & Opinion Survey

Arriving in mailboxes in August 2018 will be a Community Interest & Opinion Survey designed to assess residents’ needs, interests and preferences for all types of programming and events offered by the City.

The survey will be sent to a random sampling of residents. Survey questions will include topic areas related to youth and adult sports programs, educational and self-improvement classes, literacy programs, reading and other library activities, opportunities for senior citizens, community special events and cultural offerings.

The survey will be an opportunity for residents to say what activities and programs they would like to see the City offer, as well as what they think about existing programs and events.

Administered by ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas, the Community Interest & Opinion Survey will be a valuable tool in helping the City prioritize improvements to programming and facilities.

"We want to be sure we are offering the programs and activities that La Vista residents want and desire," said Mayor Douglas Kindig. "One of our top strategic goals is to provide programs, places and events where our community can come together and learn, have fun and celebrate. This survey will help us make sound, future decisions in these areas. The information gleaned from the survey will benefit the entire community for years to come."

Residents who do not receive a survey can take it online as well.

A Minute with the Mayor about this survey: 
One of the key initiatives in the City’s strategic plan is Quality of Life & Community Identity: "The City will provide programs, gathering places and events where the community can come together to participate in opportunities of learning, recreation and celebration in a well-maintained and safe environment".

On the cover of this newsletter is information about a new survey that will soon be distributed to residents. The survey is intended to gather feedback on all types of programming, activites and special events that contribute to the City’s quality of life.

For decades, children have learned to read and play sports through our programs, seniors have had a place to gather and receive nutritious and affordable meals, and residents of all ages have come together to enjoy community events.

We understand that there are many options competing for your time, so, as we look to the future, we want to make sure that we are providing the types of programs, activities and events that you and/or your family are interested in. We also want to effectively target improvements to our current offerings, and ensure that our facilities meet the needs of our residents.

Based on feedback received during this process, we will be able to create an actionable plan to address current and future needs.

If you are randomly chosen to participate, I hope that you will help us out by taking a few minutes to complete and return the survey. If you do not receive a survey, we still want to hear from you. Watch the City’s website and social media channels for other opportunities to make your voice heard. Thank you in advance for your assistance!