Enforcement of Mask Ordinance

Hotline for La Vista’s COVID-19 Mask Ordinance: 402.593.6407 or covidcomplaints@cityoflavista.org.

Enforcement of this Policy

The Police Department is a “first responder” to reports of potential Mask Ordinance violations in our city. The Police Department’s strategy emphasizes education and voluntary compliance over enforcement whenever reasonably appropriate.

When responding to reports of active violations of the Mask Ordinance, officers are encouraged to respond to the call to create a visible enforcement presence. While most calls will require an officer’s physical presence to properly evaluate the circumstances, some calls may be handled by telephone. Our primary role as first responders is to evaluate, educate where needed, document findings for later tracking and follow up, and enforce statutory requirements when reasonably necessary.

Enforcement of this Policy

We have established a Complaint Team (SEB) that will evaluate the complaints and determine the best way to provide education to individuals and businesses that are noncompliant with the Ordinance. The goal of this team is to ensure that face coverings are worn when required by providing education first before looking towards enforcement. When necessary, enforcement will generally focus on businesses or individuals that despite attempts to educate continue to violate the Ordinance, such as businesses who do not require customers and/or staff to wear face coverings. SEB will be the primary Bureau within the Police Department to handle Mask Ordinance violations and questions.

Calls from citizens with complaints and businesses with compliance questions will be directed to the La Vista COVID Hotline, 402-593-6407. Complaints may also be sent to a centralized email address covidcomplaints@cityoflavista.org. Complaints sent to this email address are automatically forwarded to the Complaint Team.  SEB may be directed by the Chief of Police to conduct random, officer-initiated business checks.  

Calls to the Sarpy County 911 Center will be referred to the 402-593-6407 number.  

The 911 Center may dispatch a UPB officer to a Mask violation in the event of another associated criminal activity (i.e. disturbance, trespass, etc.).

Any individual who is found to have violated any of the provisions of the mandate shall be guilty of an infraction for each offense and subject to a fine of $25.00. Each instance of violation of the mandate may be considered as a separate offense.