Summer Reading Program 2021

Activities and Programs

Summer Reading 2021_Tails and Tales

The theme for this year's summer reading program is Tails and Tales, so get ready to participate in some animal related fun. From June 1-July 30, we encourage you to explore the world of life around you and find out what is special about so many of the animals who live with us on our little blue planet. For example, did you know a snail can sleep for three years at a time!?

The La Vista Public Library is open, but most programs will be offered virtually on platforms such as Zoom, Discord, and/or Facebook and will require registration to receive an invite. With that said, stay on the lookout for some outdoor and socially distanced activities being offered this summer. Also, don't forget to stop by the library every two weeks to pick up an adventure kit! Kits will have activities, games, crafts, and more for you and your family to complete at home.

Reading Challenge: June 1 - July 30

Whether this is your first-time using Reader Zone, or you just need a refresher on how it works, the four easy steps below will get you all signed up for this year’s program.

If you registered last year, feel free to use the same account and just update your information when you enter the 2021 program code.

*FYI- Reading logged before June 1 will not count towards your reading goal!

Our readers this summer will be divided into four groups with varying goals:

  • Ages 0-6 – 160 books
  • Ages 7-11 – 1,500 minutes
  • Ages 12-17 – 2,100 minutes
  • Ages 18+ – 2,600 minutes

Four steps to getting started!

Step 1: Sign Up (If you already have an account simply log in and skip to Step 3)

  • Head to or search for the Reader Zone app in the Google or Apple stores.
  • Once on the site or in the app, click "Sign Up".
  • Create an account as a Reader, Parent, or Organizer. 
  • If you are creating the account for your whole family (including yourself), you will choose Parent.
  • If you are creating the account for yourself (adult or teens), you will choose Reader.

Step 2: Adding Names

  • Once you have created your account, you can add your children’s names, which will create a place for their books (and yours!) to be logged separately.

Step 3: Joining our Program

  • In order to join the La Vista Public Library Summer Reading Program you will need to enter the following reading code: V436r

Logging Books

  • Click on "Book Bank" to add books being read
  • When you or your child are finished reading, select the book from the book bank and click "Finish Book".
  • In order to add to your number of books read, go to the main page where there is a box to “Enter Reading.” Click this and you can change the number to the total number of books you have read.

Logging Minutes

  • Use the built-in timer. Click the green button to start the time. When done reading, click the pause button, select next, and confirm and the minutes will be recorded.
  • Manually enter the minutes read by pressing the "Manual Entry" button. Enter minutes, press next, and confirm.