How many cases are there in Sarpy County?

The amazing folks at Sarpy County, Nebraska GIS have created a public dashboard with information about COVID-19 related cases in our county. 

Check it out here:   

Over the past four weeks, the positivity rate for the Sarpy/Cass Health Department jurisdiction has doubled from 15.25% (week ending 10/17/20) to 31.51% (week ending 11/14/20).  Over the same four-week period the seven-day rolling average of cases/day/100,000 residents has increased from 41.6 cases per day to 96.9.  

Currently, there are 1,032 active cases in Sarpy County, with 108 active cases in the 68128 zip code area and 65 in 68138 (La Vista’s ETJ).

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1. How many cases are there in Sarpy County?
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