Do I need a permit for a garage sale sign and miscellaneous small signs?
Garage sale signs do not need permits, however, there are strict requirements as to where they may be placed. Signs which do not adhere to the rules below may be confiscated by any city department and disposed of without prior notification to the sign owner.
The following footage, measured inward from the curb at the road, will prevail for posting of signs:

12 feet off of a residential street

25 feet off of : 72nd Street, Giles Road and Harrison Streets

50 feet off of 84th Street

No part of any sign shall be located on any property without the consent of the owner, holder, lessee, agent or trustee. Signs may not be posted upon utility poles, street signs, or other miscellaneous structures; or, at any location that would interfere or constitute a hazard by obstructing the view of any traffic sign, signal, or device. Signs will not be located on or extend over the right-of-way of any dedicated street, highway, or public way, pedestrian sidewalk.

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1. Do I need a permit for a garage sale sign and miscellaneous small signs?
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