About Us


The Recreation Department’s responsibilities are:

  • Help build a sense of community and belonging among neighborhood residents
  • Cultivate an environment for the arts
  • Provide opportunities for social activities, education and social development for youth and adults
  • Provide opportunities for social activities, education, social development and nourishment for senior citizens
  • Organize and sponsor community and special events for education, socializing, and celebration
  • Provide meeting space for individuals and groups to meet, learn, and celebrate
  • Provide information about community issues, people, and events
  • Refer people requesting assistance to appropriate individuals and agencies
  • Plan, organize and implement youth and adult sport leagues
  • Manage and schedule parks and fields for recreation activities
  • Provide exercise facilities and implement health and wellness activities and programs
  • Manage and oversee the municipal swimming pool
  • Organize and offer volunteer opportunities
  • Provide short term emergency shelter