Virtual Escape Rooms

These escape rooms were made by the library for you to complete at home. They can be done by yourself or with your family and friends. Younger children may need some help with some of the puzzles, but everyone can have fun exploring the story!

North Pole Delivery

It's Christmas Eve, and you find a forgotten letter to Santa on the post office floor. Oh no! You need to deliver it to the North Pole before Santa leaves tonight! Can you make it in time and save Christmas for one little boy or girl?

Play North Pole Delivery here!

The Dragon's Lair

You wake up in a stone room by yourself and don't remember how you got here. You try and think  how you ended up in this strange castle, but the last thing you remember was being at your friend's birthday party before a dragon attacked. Will you make it out of the castle alive?

Play The Dragon's Lair here!