Virtual Escape Rooms

These escape rooms were made by the library for you to complete at home. They can be done by yourself or with your family and friends. Younger children may need some help with some of the puzzles, but everyone can have fun exploring the story!

Note: The age recommendations are just recommendations. Younger children might enjoy doing escape rooms with help from adults or older siblings.

Some games will open up multiple pages on your web browser. Be prepared to close pages you already got clues from. If you leave them all open it can slow down your computer and make it confusing to navigate. Most pages have a prompt to "close this page" after you've gotten everything you need from it.

A Lucky Day (Recommended 10+)

Your day takes an interesting twist when you discover a gold coin on the sidewalk. What you choose to do with it will lead you on an adventure unlike any other. This "Choose Your Own Adventure" style story has 15 different endings. Will your day end with a stroke of luck or be filled with misfortune? Play to find out!

Play A Lucky Day here!Lucky Day Escape Room

North Pole Delivery (Recommended 7+)

It's Christmas Eve, and you find a forgotten letter to Santa on the post office floor. Oh no! You need to deliver it to the North Pole before Santa leaves tonight! Can you make it in time and save Christmas for one little boy or girl?

Play North Pole Delivery here!

North Pole Delivery Escape Room

The Dragon's Lair (Recommended 9+)

You wake up in a stone room by yourself and don't remember how you got here. You try and think  how you ended up in this strange castle, but the last thing you remember was being at your friend's birthday party before a dragon attacked. Will you make it out of the castle alive?

Play The Dragon's Lair here!

Dragon Castle Escape Room

Escape the Island (Recommended 7+)

You've been stranded on an island and need to fix your boat quick! It look's like the volcano is about ready to explode, so you best pick up the pace or things are going to get hotter than the summer sun on this island. Find the right tools and supplies to fix your boat and make your escape. There isn't a timer for this escape room, but try and finish as fast as you can!

Play Escape the Island here!

Escape the Island

Crystal Cave Adventure (Recommended 8+)

Help bear enter the magical crystal cave and uncover the lost treasure. You will travel around the forest talking to various woodland creatures to find the keys to open the mysterious gates.

Play Crystal Cave Adventure here!

Crystal Cave Escape Room

The Great Pumpkin Mystery (Recommended 7+)

Linus is looking for The Great Pumpkin. Help him find this mysterious figure by looking through the pumpkin patch for clues. Take your time and new things will appear as you play. You have 10 minutes to find the magic word that will call The Great Pumpkin to the pumpkin patch.

Play The Great Pumpkin Mystery here!

Great Pumpkin Mystery Escape Room

Escape the Kitchen (Recommended 9+)

Someone has locked you in their kitchen. If you don't want to be trapped here forever you need to unlock the door quick! Food based puzzles abound in this fun escape room that will test your wits as well as your hunger level! You have 30 minutes to escape.

Play Escape the Kitchen here!

Kitchen Mystery

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (Recommended 11+)

Note: This escape room may be scary for young children. It's the end of the world and zombies have overrun your town. You are hiding out in your warehouse shelter when it's surrounded by the walking dead. With zombies blocking your escape you need to break through a locked window to get out. There's only one problem. You don't know the code to the lock! Find the passcode by gathering clues hidden around the room. Along the way learn all about survival tips for real life natural disasters. You have 45 minutes to escape.

Play Survive the Zombie Apocalypses here!

Zombie Escape