The La Vista Public Library offers several Databases for your use, these databases can be accessed either at the library or any computer with Internet access. Several databases that are offered will not need a password to access them, however several of the databases will need a username and password to access them. Access information is available at the library.

The resources below include local newspapers, skills and language learning courses, digital movie, music, and book collections, informational resources, and more. This digital collection has been organized alphabetically by the title of the resource. If you have questions about any of these databases please contact the library for more information.

Alphabetical List of Resources

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  2. B
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  6. F
  7. I
  8. K
  9. L
  10. M
  11. N
  12. O
  13. P
  14. R
  15. S
  16. T
  17. U
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